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Article from The Sarnia Journal

Women’s clothing store doubling down in the Point Weeks before the opening of their new clothing store in Point Edward, Patti and Gary Prowse are hard at work laying the flooring. Spring has sprung and it’s hot. But they can’t get over how good the washed grey laminate looks. “Everything is falling into place perfectly,” says Patti. “As soon as I saw this space, I liked the energy. It feels right.” Patti Prowse has sold women’s clothing at her Buttons & Bows boutique on Main Street in Forest for 13 years and thought a lot about a second location. The Point Edward Buttons & Bows shop opens June 1 on Michigan Avenue near St. Clair Street. It will be the...

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Article from the Standard Advocate

Guest Speaker Lynn Spence Coming Back By Nick Sitter Standard Guide Advocate This coming April acclaimed style consultant and inspirational woman Lynn Spence will be returning to do two speaking engagements at the Forest Golf and Country Hotel. Tickets may be purchased at Buttons and Bows. Patti Prowse, owner and proprietor of Buttons and Bows, was very pleased with last year's engagement and is looking forward to having Lynn back again this year. “Lynn Spence is such a good speaker and she talks a lot about body image,” says Patti, “most women feel insecure with their appearance.” For the fashion show, Lynn arrives the night before and goes 'shopping' at Buttons and Bows – hand picking each outfit for the...

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Out With The Old, In With The ..Old?

After two long months of endless discussions around our kitchen table, at least one hundred emails, hundreds of ideas, more cups of coffee and tea than we can recall, and four full day photography shoots, we have a new website. You might remember our old website – a simple, two page static website that we tried to update once per month with a couple of sentences about Buttons and Bows and what was new with us and our fashions. While we’re happy to say the days of the old website are over, we’re even happier to say that the new website is a new design and look based on our oldest principles and values. Back in 2005, we started Buttons and Bows...

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Joseph Ribkoff in Hello! Fashion Magazine!

Hey Joseph Ribkoff fans! The new Joseph Ribkoff Spring & Summer 2016 collection is all the fashion industry has been talking about, since January 1st 2016 Joseph Ribkoff has been featured in 5 different Magazines! And now they are being featured in Hello! Fashion magazine for the March 2016 edition!   Joseph Ribkoff always out does himself with every launch of a new season and this years Spring & Summer 2016 collection is no disappointment at all. Joseph Ribkoff use of bright and beautiful colours throughout the line is sure to warm up these last few months of winter and have you super excited and ready for the warmer weather! You can view and order this amazing collection here at Buttons and Bows, if you don’t...

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Buttons & Bows Nominated for the Best Bloomin’ Business Lambton Shores 2016

This year we received a great surprise! Buttons and Bows has been nominated for the Lambton Shores 2016 Best Bloomin’ Containers award! The Best Bloomin’ Business of Lambton Shores is an annual event that the community holds as a friendly competition in order to fill the community with the current year’s theme colours! This year’s theme colours are Pink, Purple and Lime green. The businesses in he community are encouraged to fill their gardens, containers and window boxes with this year’s colours for a chance to be nominated for 1 of the 3 categories: Ultimate Best Bloomin’ Business Best Bloomin’ Window Boxes Best Bloomin’ Containers We are so excited and proud to be nominated this year for the Best Bloomin’ Containers award!...

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