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Guest Speaker Lynn Spence Coming Back

By Nick Sitter Standard Guide Advocate

This coming April acclaimed style consultant and inspirational woman Lynn Spence will be returning to do two speaking engagements at the Forest Golf and Country Hotel. Tickets may be purchased at Buttons and Bows.

Patti Prowse, owner and proprietor of Buttons and Bows, was very pleased with last year's engagement and is looking forward to having Lynn back again this year. “Lynn Spence is such a good speaker and she talks a lot about body image,” says Patti, “most women feel insecure with their appearance.”

For the fashion show, Lynn arrives the night before and goes 'shopping' at Buttons and Bows – hand picking each outfit for the models the next day. The models are some of Patti's very own customers too! Patti strongly believes in every woman's right to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin. “Our models are real people from right here,” Patti said, “It's about showing real clothes on real women.”

Patti is also proud to announce that she will be having a co-op student joining her in the store. One of their first opportunities will be to go to the London western Mac Show on February 14th and 15th. It is such a unique opportunity for a co-op student to be able to attend a Fashion Trade Show, which is not an open public event; the London Western Mac Show, like the much larger Trade Show held annually in Toronto, is exclusive to retail buyers. The February show will feature clothing for the upcoming 2018 Fall and Winter. While many people are dreaming of an end to the February blahs, Patti and her co-op student will be studying and predicting next Fall and Winter's hottest trends.

Patti also is a dedicated supporter of the Women's Interval Home of Sarnia Lambton. Currently she is engaged in collecting donations of old luggage, which the Interval Home is desperately in need of. “Luggage can be filled with other donation items too, such as gently used clothing,” encourages Patti, “but it isn't necessary.” Gently used luggage of any kind is badly needed and Patti will be collecting all donations up until March.

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