Out With The Old, In With The ..Old?

After two long months of endless discussions around our kitchen table, at least one hundred emails, hundreds of ideas, more cups of coffee and tea than we can recall, and four full day photography shoots, we have a new website. You might remember our old website – a simple, two page static website that we tried to update once per month with a couple of sentences about Buttons and Bows and what was new with us and our fashions. While we’re happy to say the days of the old website are over, we’re even happier to say that the new website is a new design and look based on our oldest principles and values.

Back in 2005, we started Buttons and Bows with a love and passion for high end women’s fashion, and the mission of providing our clients and customers with ‘casual elegance at its finest’. Over the past ten years, many things have changed – the designers we work with, (shop our newest designer), our clients and even our logo and our Forest, Ontario’s store hours, but we’ve stuck to our ideals of high quality clothing, personalized customer service and elegant designs every year, without fail.

Building a new website was not only a big undertaking, but also a learning experience. Sure, there was new learning involved in the technological side of things (but that’s what a great development and marketing team is for) but more so, we learned that we don’t WANT to change certain things. We’ve dedicated the last ten years to dressing our clients in the very best and latest fashions in high end trends, and we’ve built amazing and long lasting client relationships in the process. We don’t want to change our level of personalized customer service, and we certainly don’t want to change our products’ quality or the amount of trust that our clients give us to dress them. So we didn’t. We found a way to bring all of those ‘old’ values to our new online store, so that our customers can enjoy a new online shopping experience, built on our ‘old’ business values.

We’re certain our old and new clients and customers will love it. Our new website offers the convenience of shopping from anywhere for brand names such as Joseph Ribkoff, Sympli, Up! Pants and even our own line of quilts and home accessories. We’re thankful for all of the support that our loyal clients and customers have given us for the past ten years, and here’s to ten more. Feel free to shop our collections, sign up to stay updated on the latest fashions and stop in for a cup of tea at our Forest, Ontario store location. Whichever you choose, we hope you enjoy the new website.. and the old values that make up Buttons and Bows.

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  • Nancy Warren

    Miss you and hope you are surviving the old fashioned winter
    It has been cold but not like you have
    See you in March

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