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Buttons & Bows Nominated for the Best Bloomin’ Business Lambton Shores 2016

This year we received a great surprise! Buttons and Bows has been nominated for the Lambton Shores 2016 Best Bloomin’ Containers award! The Best Bloomin’ Business of Lambton Shores is an annual event that the community holds as a friendly competition in order to fill the community with the current year’s theme colours! This year’s theme colours are Pink, Purple and Lime green. The businesses in he community are encouraged to fill their gardens, containers and window boxes with this year’s colours for a chance to be nominated for 1 of the 3 categories: Ultimate Best Bloomin’ Business Best Bloomin’ Window Boxes Best Bloomin’ Containers We are so excited and proud to be nominated this year for the Best Bloomin’ Containers award!...

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What is a Trunk Show?

Not too many people know what a trunk show really is. Trunk shows originated from when vendors would travel around the country showcasing their clothes or accessories in actual trunks. Now a days we have spruced up an old tradition into something that is quite popular in the fashion industry. As more and more retailers see the benefits of hosting a trunk show customers are also reaping the benefits and enjoying trunk shows even more. Want to be the first to see what’s hot?!? A trunk show is a great opportunity for customers to preview the entire current collection the designer has made, which is great for the retailer as well because they may not always have the opportunity to...

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